Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Annivarsary!!

Four years ago today, I went on a date with a sweet, funny guy who I thought was just a little too “nice”. I didn’t know much about him, other than my friend knew him and said he was a good guy.  He didn’t complain that night when I dragged him to a dive bar to listen to a country band, (He HATES country music!)  He didn’t complain and even seemed to have fun when I then dragged him to a hole-in-the-wall bar to meet my strange friends and sing Karaoke. Hours later, he kissed me goodnight next to my car in the freezing cold, all the while knowing my friends were watching us to make sure I was safe.  

I wasn’t sure I would go out with him again when I left that night, I didn’t know if either of us was going to take a chance and see if one date would turn into more.. It did.

This wonderful man stood by my side through Breast Cancer and never wavered. He was there both times they took me off to surgery, held my hand thru chemo and radiation, went to every doctor’s appointment, asked questions, took notes and researched every procedure. He explained things to my kids and family when I couldn’t; made sure that I had anything I wanted or needed for a year of treatments then again helped me when I had to have reconstructive surgery twice in 3 months on my hand. He supports me in everything I do or want to do.

He puts up with my family and the drama that comes with it, treats my children as if they are his own and has infinite patience.

 He understands me like no one ever has.

I know that I would have never gotten through the last two years without this wonderful man. I do not know how I got so lucky!

 Every day I thank whatever force brought us together and I don’t think I could love anyone more. If ever there was the perfect person for me, he is it, my heart, my soul, my world, my everything. I hope that we have many more happy years together!

Thank you my love for being everything I ever needed, and for that very first date, four years ago today..

 Happy Anniversary!!!  I love you!!

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