Friday, September 14, 2012

January 2007


Truth Hurts

Truth hurts. But it's got nothing on blind-sided abandonment.
The kind of departure that nobody ever saw coming and that no amount of time will ever make sense of -- much less, heal. Scars have their own way of becoming beautiful...they're just too darn honest for anybody's good. And you can never hide them or cover them up cause once they're created they've got a life of their own...their own destiny to chart -- like a long dead star that remains to light many a course.

Yeah, the truth hurts. And you never want to face it.
Never want to look in the mirror and validate the scars that were caused by actions that could have been prevented, could have been avoided, but at what cost? If you look close enough, was it really the cause or the effect? Was it the action or the reaction? Would you miss it? Do you hide the feelings that were so fresh, so painful, that left the deepest scars and the brightest memories?

Where do you hide them? The memories live on in the pain of the honesty, out there, waiting silently and screaming out loud........yeah I'd say the truth hurts.


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