Friday, September 14, 2012

Actually Yesterday!

Today- hmmmm

Well the 100 mile round trips for 1/2 hour of hell are going to stop, well for now anyway. Dr Moreau is giving me a month break (after 40 visits!) to see if the injections from hell are going to have a lasting effect on the stupid neuropathy. We shall see, there has been some improvement since I started so maybe it will last! Fingers crossed, Vic's in my pocket!
OMG my daughters car finally died. Been expecting it, but damn! it would have been so much better even 1 week from now! Crapola.
Still trying to find homes for my kitties. I do not want to give them away but poor grandbabys allergies are not taking this well. I dont want to just hand them over to anyone, they have always been spoiled inside cats. Im at a loss.
Forgetting where I am; (20,00000,000) Forgetting where I was going; (490093930022) Forgetting what I was saying; (1220000) Forgetting WHO I am; (100000000000) damn chemo brain!

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