Thursday, September 5, 2013

Don't ever forget, they could be gone in a moment.

I lost a very good friend yesterday.
 I can’t stop thinking about how senseless this all is. He knew he could get treatment, but he wasn't willing to give up any part of his life to be sick.
 I admire that, but I miss him just the same.
 He had the balls to grab life by the short hairs and run with it. He had a great 2 years, and did just like he told me he would; he “lived until he died”. 
 I will always remember our jokes and how he always told me the way it was. He didn't sugar coat anything for me, if he thought I was wrong he told me so, and he also told me why.
 And he always, always, had my back.

RIP my friend, I hope we meet again.  I love you!

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