Monday, May 6, 2013

Really bad horrifying language (mine) .. vent


Disclaimer: Really bad horrifying language.. vent


Its bad.

I’m not losing my mind, really, I’m not, that’s been gone for a long time!  Seriously, I just feel like screaming fuck you at my entire family. Not my kids, as much as they drive me insane, but the rest of them can all go straight to fucking hell. I am so damn angry right now. You fucking people are so goddamn perfect? HA! And FUCK YOU for not listening, FUCK YOU for not believing, And FUCK YOU for thinking you KNOW anything.

I was 5 fucking years old! Thank you all so damn much for opening your eyes, thanks for seeing the pain I was dealing with, THANKS SO MUCH for not realizing that something was wrong, that all of the things that happened were NOT my fault. I never asked for that, I didn’t even fucking know what he was doing! All I knew was that he told me to do it, HE told me I would be the one who got in trouble if I told, and He was so perfect and so wonderful he could never ever do anything wrong could he?  Oh no, that would only be me. I must be lying. Must have made it all up. Thanks for having my back there FAMILY.  I hope nothing like that ever happens to you or yours and you are not believed. I am so much better off without you people in my life, bunch of two faced backstabbing assholes.

I hope you all fuck off.

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