Thursday, February 14, 2013

WTF is wrong with me???

 I am an emotional bag of rage and sorrow.
    I’ve been sick all week with a sinus infection, I lost my voice after an 8 hour band practice Sunday and the doc told me Monday no using my voice for at least 48 hours, till the antibiotics kick in, which was yesterday, so we were suppose to have practice tonight ( Thursday ), We have a big show Saturday and instead of practice I got in a huge fight with the bass player, who by the way is a HUGE ASS SUCKING JACKWAGON, so I walked out, started walking home cuz my ride wasn’t answering the phone and now my feet are on fire my hands are numb & tingly and my head is all stuffed up again. AND there is a blizzard on the way.. cuz we are booked to play and no one will come cuz of the snow.. SO now I’m going to go back to my craft room and cry some more cuz I swear by all that is holy I have PMS and I haven’t had THOSE parts in 4 years!! Maybe its sympathetic baby blues? My daughter is pregnant overly emotional and maybe thats rubbing off... IDK all I know is I am a raging bag of emotions and the SOL is all freaked out cuz he thinks he did something, and I’m just not talkin cuz he didn’t do anything but I will most certainly take it out on him cuz he is closest! . Ugh. Sorry. Thanks for reading the vent.... Hope your night is better! Oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day! SOL got me roses and a sweet card! Poor guy.
    I am still doing the show on Saturday I just really wonder if it’s all going to be worth it in the end. I “embarrassed” my sister, and “I should be ashamed of myself”. So I guess we shall see how this goes.  
    What do you do when your dream is in your grasp but is swiftly being pulled out of your hands? We have worked so hard for so long. Damn.

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